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About Us


Dance Wonderland is a professional dance studio specializing in dance instruction and entertainment. Founded in 2017 by Naomi Skee after her husband was stationed in Colorado Springs with the U.S. Air Force. We offer private lessons, group lessons, choreography and professional theatrical performances in the following dance styles:

Ballroom - Latin - Country - Swing - Tap - Jazz - Musical Theater


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Naomi is a performer, choreographer and professional dance instructor from Austin, TX. She attended New Mexico State University where she competed and performed on the University’s Ballroom dance company where she earned a degree in education with a minor in dance. Since graduating she has taught, choreographed, and performed for a variety of theater and dance companies. Some credits include a National Tour with the Utah Ballroom Dance Company, SLO Repertory Theatre, Central Coast Follies, Walt Disney World, and D.A.M. Entertainment.  Locally, Naomi has performed with The Philharmonic Orchestra and the Fine Arts Center. Naomi is an active social dancer who regularly travels all over the country to take lessons and dance with some of the top pros in the world. Naomi is also a loving mother and a proud Air Force wife who shares her passion for dance wherever the Air Force sends her.



Danny was born in Wyoming but has since circled the globe pursuing dances of all styles. Starting small while studying Kinesiology at the University of Wyoming, he competed with the Saddle Swingers in the annual Intercollegiate Swing Battle in Denver and became President of the Blues Dancing Club. Following his passion, he has found himself dancing in Salt Lake City, Portland, Dublin, London, Paris, Tokyo, and was even caught on TV dancing in a local festival in Niigata, Japan. While Danny started with the energetic and intense Lindy Hop, he's been grooving with Blues, mixing it up with Fusion, gliding across the floor with smooth dances like Foxtrot and Waltz, struttin' his stuff with Country 2 Step, and heating things up with Latin dances like Cha-Cha and Bachata. Danny loves sharing his passion for dance with others and is always up to take on the dreaded Two Left Feet. He can often be found misquoting Ratatouille by claiming, Anyone can Dance! 



Lauren is excited to be able to share her love dance with the Colorado Springs community. Originally from Texas, she's currently a business professor at UCCS and runs a nonprofit supporting women around the globe. She loves to social dance wherever she travels and you can often find her dancing the nights away to Country Swing, Two Step, West Coast Swing, or Salsa. Lauren's goal is to make sure that her students not only know the technical aspects of dance, but are enjoying themselves and having fun! When she's not in the classroom or dancing, she loves adventuring with her 2 kids in the mountains. “To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking” -Agnes De Mille



Xavier, a passionate enthusiast of rhythm and motion, originates from the lively city of Miami, Florida. With an innate groove and a heart full of moves, he transcends beyond algorithms and binaries, dedicated to infusing rhythm into every moment. Xavier's dance has taken him all over the country through diverse locales such as the steel city of Pittsburgh, the eclectic vibes of Austin TX, the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, the neon-lit streets of Miami, the heartland of Kansas City, and Puerto Rico. Immersing himself in each community, he absorbs their unique styles and cultures, infusing his own distinctive flair inspired by legends like Oliver Pineda and Eddie Torres the “Mambo King”. 

When not tearing up the dance floor or crafting lines of code, Xavier can be found exploring the picturesque Colorado mountains alongside his lovely wife and three rambunctious Labradors.



Dance Wonderland

2103 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Tel: 719-362-7027


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