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Our 4-WEEK GROUP CLASSES restart at the beginning of every month.

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How Classes Work


Here at Dance Wonderland we believe in Accessibility, but also in Progression. That's why we've split our classes into levels. 

Level 1 covers the basic technique and patterns of a dance and will get you started. It's also referred to as Jr. Bronze. For most dance styles, all are welcome to attend these classes! 

Level 2 moves on to more complex moves that use the foundations from level 1. It's also referred to as Intermediate Bronze. Students attending these classes should have attended level 1 or have prior experience dancing this style. 

Level 3 tests your skills and will help you really shine out on the dance floor! It's also referred to as Full Bronze. Due to the progressive nature of our class material, students are required to have attended the Level 2 class in this style. 

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