Dance Wonderland is a professional dance studio specializing in dance instruction and entertainment. Founded in 2017 by Naomi Skee after her husband was stationed in Colorado Springs with the U.S. Air Force. We offer private lessons, group lessons, choreography and professional theatrical performances in the following dance styles:

Ballroom - Latin - Country - Swing - Tap - Jazz - Musical Theater




Danny has been a dancer since he heard Jazz music while walking through his student union. Soon after he joined the Swing performance team and eventually became president of the Blues Dance Club. Since then he has dedicated time to learning all the dances so he could to improve his Lindy Hop and Fusion. Since then, he has taught dance in Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, and even in Japan. Danny is a firm believer that everyone can dance if they find the right style, and that Polka is one of the greatest dances ever created. 


Naomi is a performer, choreographer and professional dance instructor from Austin, TX. She attended New Mexico State University where she competed and performed on the University’s Ballroom dance company where she earned a degree in education with a minor in dance. Since graduating she has taught, choreographed, and performed for a variety of theater and dance companies. Some credits include a National Tour with the Utah Ballroom Dance Company, SLO Repertory Theatre, Central Coast Follies, Walt Disney World, and D.A.M. Entertainment.  Locally, Naomi has performed with The Philharmonic Orchestra and the Fine Arts Center. Naomi is an active social dancer who regularly travels all over the country to take lessons and dance with some of the top pros in the world. Naomi is also a loving mother and a proud Air Force wife who shares her passion for dance wherever the Air Force sends her.


Scott is a native of Washington, DC.  He has been dancing since his early teens doing hip hop and R&B performing in several talent shows.  After finishing school, he worked briefly for a number of years in Corporate America before eventually leaving to study the arts and learning/training in Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance professionally.  He immediately fell in love and developed a passion and became a full time certified instructor going on to teach for number of years.  During this time, he also performed in instructor showcases and competitive events in the DC area winning several awards. He later relocated to Austin, TX where he continued to teach and also perform at several community events and became the primary dance instructor for the Dell Fitness Center before eventually relocating to Colorado Springs.

Scott is very much a “people person” and has a love for motivating others.  This led him to also become a certified life coach, professional speaker and seminar facilitator over the past decade to help others always be at their best!



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Dance Wonderland

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